In 1995 Kitchen Tailor was founded.

Throughout the years we have designed and made many bespoke solutions specializing in interior design, kitchen, wardrobe, bathrooms, all of which varied much in style and design.

We have on several occasions been involved in building and inventory tasks in cooperation with the Danish Heritage Agency.

As a reference, we list some of the major projects:

The full story

We highlight these projects as it has

been exciting to create some

of the original and crafts

details of the houses, but also that it reflects the people that let them create.

- Bellevueteatret in Klampenborg

- Holckenhavn castle on Fyn

- Hvenegård manor on Fyn

- Flintholm manor on Fyn

- Teglværksgård on Als

- Eriksholm manor in Holbæk

- Iselingen manor in Vordingborg

- Christiansholm castle in Klampenborg

- Van Hauen´s bakery & café in Copenhagen

- Sødringholm manor at Randers fjord

- Thyrasminde at Vejle fjord

- Egeskov castle on Fyn

- Destilleri in south of France